How do I get rid of the "oily film" on the parts?
The film is not really oil, but a thin layer of CLEANER 10. Reduce the film by diluting CLEANER 10 with water. Or rinse with fresh water. For "super clean" surface, use deionized or distilled water.

How can I get Cleaner 10 to clean faster or better?
Follow the "CATT Theory":


Adjust these for best cleaning/cost. Add brushing, wiping, pressure.

NOTE: Call factory for information about
our complete line of Cleaning Tanks.

How can I stop the foaming bubbles?
Ask your Sales Rep for Anti-Foam Additive. Or add few drops of Silicone Lubricant. On next order ask for CLEANER 10LF, which is Low Foaming formula.

How can I stop rusting?
has slight built-in rust inhibitor, therefore do not rinse off. Dry parts faster. (Rust forms in presence of ionized salt, water and time. Reduce time by drying promptly.) On next order, ask for CLEANER 10RI with Rust Inhibitor.

How can I get it to dry faster?
Dilute with water. Raise temperature. Use hot water rinse. Use cold/hot air dryer.

How can I tell how strong my solution is?
Measure pH with meter or color strips.
Call your Sales Rep or factory for these.

The pH of CLEANER 10 is:
Undiluted 10.0/10.5
5:1 10.0
10:1 9.5
20:1 9.0
50:1 8.5

How often should I change my solution?
Depends on how often you use it. Good rule is change when cleaning speed is reduced, or pH is 1.0 point below start strength. Make record of how long this is and use as future guide.

How do I dispose of used solution?
Stop agitation; allow oil to float to top and separate. Skim off with towel, can, or skimmer. Dispose of oil as "oily waste" or filter and add back to cutting oil supply. Many times it is not necessary to dispose of CLEANER 10; just add concentrate to make up for evaporation and draw-off. To dispose of unusable solution, check with local authorities and pour down drain (if permitted~. Dispose as "waste water". Add to your own "waste coolant" storage.

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