CLEANER 10 is the only cleaner listed as "non-hazardous, CFR tested, not a chronic irritant" (out of 288 cleaners listed in the 1999 "Industrial Cleaning Survey: Directory of Vendors", published by the Massachusetts Toxic Use Reduction Institute.)

CLEANER 10 is a revolutionary multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser. CLEANER 10 is not only non-hazardous and biodegradable it is also cost effective. CLEANER 10 is safe on all washable surfaces.

CLEANER 10 was developed by Sky Products for industrial use. CLEANER 10 has passed all OSHA standards to have a zero rating for health hazards, reactivity, and flammability.

CLEANER 10 has been found to be non-toxic (refer to the MSDS Sheet)

Sky Products commitment to bring this product to the market place has been driven by the need for a healthier work place and a cleaner environment for all.

CLEANER 10 is as safe as a cleaner can be and still do your toughest cleaning and degreasing jobs...

CLEANER 10 won the 1996 New York State Pollution Prevention award by eliminating the use of tons of solvents in a plastic manufacturing operation.

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